History of Japan and World
History of the JSA
1892Union of Japanese Shipping Industries established.
1893Japan's first long-distance liner service begins on Bombay route.
1896Liner service begins on European route.
1901Union of Japanese Shipping Industries renamed Union of Japanese Shipowners.
1905Japanese merchant fleet tonnage ranks sixth in the world.
1911Japanese-American treaty of commerce and navigation signed.
1915Around-the-world liner service begins.
1917State-controlled shipping policy promulgated.
1920Union of Japanese Shipowners reorganized, becoming the Shipowners' Association of Japan, a nationwide shipping organization.
1937Around-the-world liner service via Panama Canal begins.
1940State-controlled shipping policy promulgated. Shiowner's Association of Japan reorganized, becoming Japanese Shipping Association.
1942.4Government begins Commandeering ships.
1947.6Japanese Shipping Association dissolved, the Japanese Shipowners' Association (JSA) established.
1950.4State-owned shipping privatized.
1957.4The JSA joins the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
1957.5The JSA joins the International Shipping Federation (ISF)
1964.4Shipping industry consolidated into six groups.
1968.9Hakone Maru, Japan's first container ship, begins service on California route.
1969.8Japan Magnolia, Japan's first unattended machinery space ship, completed.
1975Nissei Maru, the world's largest oil tanker completed.
1983.8Japan's first LNG tanker begins service.
1989Fuji Maru, Japan's luxury cruise ship begins service.
1990.2Mixed manning crew on Japanese flag ships introduced.
1992.4Asian Shipowners' Forum (ASF) organized, 1st ASF AGM held in Tokyo.
1996.71st Marine Day (20th July) held as a national holiday.
1997.6The JSA cerebrate its 50th anniversary.
1997.9FMC takes sanctions against three Japanese shipping companies by virtue of Japanese harbour practices.
1998.5Transitional business in coastal shipping introduced.
1999.58th ASF AGM held in Tokyo.
2001.1The JSA adopts its Environmental Charter.
History of Japan and World
1914.7First World War breaks out.
1914.8Panama Canal completed.
1931Shipping industry faces serious depression.
1941.12Pacific War breaks out.
1945.8Pacific War ends.
1956Egypt declares nationalization of Suez Canal
1971.6Dollar crisis
1973.10First oil crisis
1979.1Second oil crisis
1980.9Iran-Iraq War breaks out
1985.9Plaza Agreement results in a steep rise in the value of the yen.
1990.8Iraq invades Kuwait.
1991.2Gulf War breaks out.
12Soviet Union collapses.
1995.1Hansin-Awaji earthquake.
4Yen rises to 80 yen against US dollar.
1997.6Asian currency crisis.
2001.9Terrorist Attack on U.S.
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